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Since none of us are the same, our unique programs are custom designed for each individual client and include the use of various wellness therapies, treatments, lifestyle, and dietary modifications to get you the solutions you want and need.

Our passion is providing Health and Wellness Coaching to help you enjoy an improved Quality of Life and Stronger Relationships.

Laguna Health and Wellness is an integrative wellness center that believes in the power of holistic healing.We believe that the human body is capable of healing itself if we put the body in a balanced, healing state.

Many of today’s health concerns stem from excessive stress, which can only be resolved by calming the mind and body. Our treatments help promote blood circulation and overall balance of energy, which in turn, will let the body revert to good health

Nuero Body Therapy

Bemer Therapy

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Chris Brown – Hydro Therapy

Hydrogen Therapy trained expert, Christopher will utilize cutting edge Hydrogen Therapy to erase years of pain and bring overall wellness to your body.

Lora Spielberg – Healer

Energy Healing has finally attained the acceptance of the medial and wellness community. Emotions, Self healing and Awareness are real therapies and can be accessed to create breakthroughs previously unheard of. Centuries of teachings are being brought to the forefront as we guide our clients to a better way.

Jessie Olive – Massage Therapist

Reflexology, Swedish, Relaxing, and Sports massages are the specialty of the Body Works team at Laguna Healthy and Wellness. We have a wide range of therapies and sessions to accommodate your needs. Schedule an appointment today.

Pam Lipton – Light Therapist

Light Therapy is quickly becoming a sensation in the Natural & Holistic Healing community. the soothing light relieves pain, reduces inflammation, supporting and cleansing our immune systems.

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