Laguna HWC Partners

Darla LeVeque

Darla LeVeque loves to share her passion of ”a better way”. Her beliefs and teachings regarding  healthy living, proper nutrition,  natural and energy healing are guiding principles she shares at every opportunity.  These core principles were honed when Darla accepted the role of primary caregiver for her loving parents. Caring for loved ones brought many revelations and led Darla to create The Laguna Woods Health and Wellness Center in Laguna Woods. Since opening last year the center has fast become a vibrant hub of health and healing in Orange County where Darla and her staff of professionals heal, teach, and share “a better way” to live. 

Erika MClellan

If your lucky enough to find an open appointment to be treated by Erika it will be life changing experience. Come by our center and spend a few moments with her clientele as they come and go and you’ll convinced she is a gifted healer without compare. Pains and discomforts the might have hindered you for years will become stories of your past as Erika guides you into a new life without pain. Make your appointment today!

Laurie Jones

Laurie is a Esthetician specializing in Facials and Hydra Facials.  Your skin deserves the best car and Laurie will pamper you skin and revitalize your look.

Socorro Diaz

Socorro, with almost 20 years of experience, is a skilled massage therapist specializing in TMJ release (Temporomandibular joint), geriatric massage, oncology massage, prenatal/postpartum massage, aromatherapy, stone therapy and Cranio Sacral Therapy.

Socorro’s approach is detailed and heart centered, combining different massage techniques and energy work all while maintaining a safe sanctuary for clients to relax.

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